Installing Programs with RPM

RPM is RedHat’s Package Manager. More software is distributed via RPM than any other format (i.e. more than the apt format). Actually, no. Probably tar.gz is the most common. I digress.

A couple of handy tips…

Install an RPM:

rpm -Uvfh anrpmfile.rpm

An http URL (e.g. “”) will work just as well as a file name. FTP works also.

To find out what files are in an RPM (and what scripts are run when you you install it – e.g. what users are set up):

rpm -qp --list --scripts --configfiles anrpmfile.rpm

-q is query, -p means from a rpm file.

rpm -qp --filesbypkg anrpmfile.rpm

To find out what is installed on your server:

rpm -qa # | grep thepackagenameyoureinterestedin

To find out which RPM installed a particular file on your server, run:

rpm -q --whatprovides /lib/

and it will report something like ‘glibc-2.3.2-95.30’.

(from Internet)


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